Monday, May 15, 2017

Canticles and Hymns

On this page you will find my canticles, hymns, and choral pieces. You can click on "Score" to bring up a score generated by MuseScore where you can hear what it sounds like using the playback facility. From the MuseScore site you can also download a PDF of the song.



The Song of Moses and Miriam (Score) (PDF)


The Song of Deborah
Stanza 11-16

The Song of Hannah (Score) (PDF)

King David
David's Prayer Before the Congregation (Score) (PDF)
Give Thanks to God, Call on his Name (Score) (PDF)
Praised Be the God of Israel (Score) (PDF)
The Last Words of David (Score) (PDF)

Psalm 119 - An Alphabetic Acrostic (MuseScore)
Stanzas 15-22 

The Prayer of King Jehoshaphat (Score)

O LORD Almighty, God Supreme (Score)
King Hezekiah's Prayer of Thanksgiving (Score)

The Chosen Servant (Score)
The Commissioned Servant (Score)
The Obedient Servant (Score)
The Risen Servant (Score)
I Will Praise You Lord, my Saviour (Score)
The Desert and the Flower (Score)

The Prayer of Jonah (Score)

Zion's Daughter, Sing your Song! (Score)

Shout and Cheer O Zion's Daughter (Score)


The Song of the Angels (Score)
Rest in Him (Score)
The Wastrel Son (Score)

I AM Series
Jesus the Light of the World (Score)
Jesus the Bread of Life (Score)
Jesus the Gate (Score)
Jesus the Good Shepherd (Score)
Jesus the Resurrection and the Life (Score)
I Am the Way, the Truth, the Life (Score)
I Am the Vine in 4/4 time (Score)
I Am the Vine in 3/4 time (Score)

Race Completed, Battle Over (Score)
The Greatest of These is Love (Score)

The Seven Churches:
Ephesus (Score)`
Smyrna (Score)
Pergamum (Score)
Thyatira (Score)
Sardis (Score)
Philadephia  (Score)
Laodidea  (Score)
Worthy are You, our Lord and God (Score)
The Kingdom of the World Has now Become (Score)
Babylon and the Bride (Score)
The Song of Moses and of the Lamb (Score)
There is a River (Score)


God Made the Heavens and the Earth (Score)
On Mountains and in Valleys (Score)
O God, O God, Come to my Aid (Score)
Praise God, All Nations, Glorify His Name (Score)
O Lord, Rebuke me not in Your Anger  (Score)
Psalm 151 (Score)
The Lord's Prayer (Score)
How Deep is Jesus' Love for me (Score)
It's Midnight in the Garden (Score)
O Christians, Praise the Lamb Who Suffered (Score)
Jesus, Our Saviour (Score)
It is Fulfilled (Score)
Christ Went up on High far Above the Sky (Score)
Christ Will Come again in Glory (Score)
O Come Now, Holy Spirit (Score)
O Come, Creator Spirit (Score)
The Flood Prayer (Baptismal Prayer) (Score)
Merciful God and Father (Communion Prayer) (Score)
Gabriel's Message -- A Christmas Carol (Pettman arrangement) (Score)
Gabriel's Message -- A Christmas Carol (Gertim arrangement) (Score)
I Love the Lord with all my Heart (based on Psalm 116) (Score)
The Ten Commandments (Score)
Shout and Cheer, O Zion's Daughter! (Score)
Manasseh's Prayer (part 1: Ascription of Praise) (Score)
Manasseh's Prayer (part 2: Confession of Sin) (Score)
Manasseh's Prayer (part 3: Supplication of Pardon) (Score)
Azariah's Prayer in the Furnace (Score)
The Song of the Three Young Men in the Furnace (Score)
He Lives Forever! Alleluia (Score)
Jesus, my Saviour, Thank You for Your Mercy (Score)

Hymns Based on the Heidelberg Catechism's explanation of the Apostles' Creed
I Believe in God the Father (Score) - Article 1
I Believe in Jesus Christ (Score) - Article 2a
Jesus Christ alone is God's Eternal Son (Score) - Article 2b, 3
Christ Jesus for us Suffered (Score) - Article 4
Allelulia! When Christ Was Raised (Score) - Article 5
The Lord Ascended from the Earth (Score) - Article 6
My Comfort is that Jesus Christ Will Come Again for Me  (Score) - Article 7
I Believe in God the Spirit (Score) - Article 8
The Son of God is Gathering out of the Human Race (Score) - Articles 9, 10
When my Mortal Life is Over, and my Soul to Christ has Flown (Score) - Articles 11, 12

             Hymns based on ecumenical creeds

The Nicene Creed (Single voice) (Score)
The Nicene Creed (SATB) (Score)
The Nicene Creed (SATB, Isometic) (Score)
Version using Cantamus App

Choral pieces

Worthy is our God (Score)
I Will Praise You Lord, My Saviour (Score)
It is Finished! (Score)
It is Fulfilled! (Score)
(This is another, "less Baroque," version of It is Finished!"
He Lives Forever! Alleluia (Score)

Some notes:
A canticle (from the Latin canticulum, a diminutive of canticum, "song") is a hymn, psalm or other song of praise taken from biblical or holy texts other than the Psalms. (Wikipedia)
The "Hands of Praise" background to this site was created by my niece, Evelyn Nieuwenhuis.
The fine print: These songs are licensed under the "no derivatives, non-commercial, creative commons license." In plain English this means you can use these songs freely at non-commercial events (worship service, wedding, funeral, choir performance, etc.). You can re-distribute a song but you can't change it or charge for it (beyond your expense). Please give credit to me as the original author of the work, state my name and the title of the song. Easy, eh? If you want to include any in a permanent collection, please email me your request at